Domynick Knows How To Seduce – Teach Twinks

February 4th, 2016

Mysterious Domynick gets the better of gorgeous young hotel employee Zac when he catches the young guy snooping in his room. The young stud can't resist the sexy boss, soon sharing hard and wet knob as they suck each other. Domynick loves to get fucked, and fit young Zac certainly knows how to get a man like him off!

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A Passionate Hard Fucking – Beddable Boys

February 2nd, 2016

A loving session of snogging and groping becomes something far more frantic with Stefano and Marco! Starting out slow and sexy the two strip, suck rod and even suck toes too before that tight young hole is plundered. With his cock deep in his lovers ass he picks up the pace, slamming his butt all over the bed until his load is splashed over his abs, and with another mess to follow.

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Fucked By His Hung Friend – Beddable Boys

January 26th, 2016

Drew knows that his young buddy has one of the biggest cocks he's ever seen, and he wants it so bad! Lee is happy to share it, he barely needs to hear the suggestion before he's swapping cocks with the handsome hunk and sinking his long curved boner into the dudes willing ass! Mutual jerking has the boys spewing out their spooge loads, with Lee desperate to taste that spunk!

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Wanking Voyeur Invited To Play – Beddable Boys

January 19th, 2016

If you saw these two hotties playing in the woods you would be wanking your cock to the show too! He's soon discovered, but instead of being chased away he's invited to share his delicious uncircumcised pecker with the boys! A threesome of sucking and fucking soon has them flip flopping and sharing some mouth and ass to get those spooge loads exploding!

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Drake Has His Dreams Come True – Teach Twinks

January 14th, 2016

It's a story we all know well, gay boy falls for str8 boy, pines and then eventually moves on. Only in this case, Billy is not so breeder after all! Drake comes clean and Billy is more than pleased with his adoration, immediately willing to share his body with him and give the young guy exactly what he wants! It's a sexy and sensual pairing that will have you pining for one or the other - or both!

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A Live Twink Sex Performance! – Beddable Boys

January 12th, 2016

They have no idea they're being spied on as they suck each others delicious dicks in the bedroom. Out on the balcony two uncut horny young blokes as stroking their cocks to the live show, watching and wanking as the two stars fuck on the bed, humping their way to their own cream loads as their audience spew out massive spunk shots against the glass!

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Chain Fucking In The Kitchen – Beddable Boys

January 9th, 2016

There's so much to enjoy in this chain fucking threesome between a trio of gorgeous young blokes! They're busy preparing dinner when a feast of an entirely different kind breaks out. With so much sucking, rimming and rod stroking its amazing they ever get to the fucking, but the threesome they share should have you all spewing out your cream wads too!

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An Orgy Of Cock Lovers! – Teach Twinks

January 7th, 2016

The party is going so well already, the only thing which could make it even better is if a joystick was released! Have no fear, these boys are all packing plenty of inches, with balls full of spooge ready to be pumped! An group fuck of sucking and fucking takes over, with every big dick in the room easing between lips or butt cheeks until splashing eruptions of spunk bathe tongues and faces!

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Uncut Muscle Boy Gets Some Hole – Beddable Boys

January 5th, 2016

Julio is at first intrigued by the handsome tanned muscle lad sunning himself by the pool, but once the two are acquainted there's no holding back! In the bedroom the two lovingly explore each other, massaging, wanking and sucking, rimming tight holeand eventually plunging hard hooded dick deep! Young Julio cums hard with that dick inside him, and Hans finishes with a wanked out semen splash over the boys butt!

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Ryan Can’t Ignore That Huge Cock! – Beddable Boys

December 29th, 2015

Jason is shameless, answering the door with his massive rod out. It's okay though, it does the trick, young visitor Ryan is soon feasting on that huge tool and showing his deep throating skills. After getting his own bone sucked and his hole rimmed and fingered he shows he can take in the other end with just as much skill too, getting his semen fucked out of him and taking Jason's wad all over his chest!

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