Whatever It Takes To Get An A – Teach Twinks

February 23rd, 2017

If you'd had a teacher like handsome and fit Shane you probably would have been encouraging him to break all the rules too! Student Noah doesn't have to try too hard to get that big dick out of the handsome guy's pants. It's soon in his mouth, and his own joystick gets plenty of sucking too. But that's only the start. Watch the twink earning his grades in the best way possible!

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Jaymie Gets A Hard Fucking – Teach Twinks

February 9th, 2017

When you have a real top boy like Kevin you need to team them up with another sexy boy who can handle his pecker and the energy he puts into his fucking. That boy is definitely Jaymie, although he wasn't sure about it at the start. Watch as the two meet, soon snogging and getting very friendly on the bed. The sucking and slurping leads to a great pounding fuck as Kevin takes full control and makes them both unload hard and messy!

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Lucky Twink Boys Both Get It! – Teach Twinks

January 26th, 2017

All over the world bored bloke are getting a happy ending right now, and you know most of them are really craving something like this! When muscled daddy Tristan calls up for some stress relief and twink boys Nathan and Dean arrive he seems unsure, but when his big uncut cock is out and being pleasured all those concerns soon evaporate. The boys take turns on the muscled man, sucking his uncut meat and taking it in the ass until both are spewing their cream and taking a facial from their studly customer! Now, how do I get a job like that?

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Riley Loves The Taste Of His Own Cum – Beddable Boys

January 17th, 2017

There's no denying that Riley is a bit of a jizz whore. He's the kind of boy who would be in the middle of an group fuck sucking the loads out of every cock that's waved in his face. When he's jerking on his own pecker like in this video he almost always ends with a taste of his hot salty load. Watch him in action and imagine you're there to feed him your cream too!

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Daddy Mike Makes Josh Squirt Cum! – Teach Twinks

January 12th, 2017

Mike is a great top, the kind of fit and muscled dominant daddy all the twink boys want to take a ride on. Josh is the lucky boy getting that dick up his rump for this pairing, and what a great ride the two share! The boys have been eager to get those cocks out and when they do they get right down to it, sucking and licking those delicious tools as they throb and leak pre cum. Josh takes a ride on that daddy knob, taking it in some great positions until he's on his back and showering himself in his cream as it spews from his boner! A little more thrusting and daddy Mike is pulling out to decorate the boys back with his own hot mess. Wow, what a great pairing.

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Marcel Gives Himself A Creamy Treat – Beddable Boys

January 10th, 2017

Marcel is one of those incredibly horny str8 boys who seems to enjoy the fact that he's making other bloke cocks splash jizz out there all around the world. He's willing to go further than most breeder boys, as you'll see in this video as he gets his uncut bone out and jerks himself off, finishing off with a very special and very cummy finish!

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Straight Boy Gets A Load – Beddable Boys

January 3rd, 2017

Lex is the kind of horny breeder boy who is just too horny for his own good! We love it though, especially when we get to watch him enjoying his own big fat cock and jerking out his loads in front of the cameras. Check out this delicious deliver, finished off perfectly with a face full of cream str8 from his meat!

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Banging The Sweet Houseboy – Teach Twinks

December 29th, 2016

Kyler is a tight bodied little twink with a great ass, no wonder his employer Bryan can't keep his hands to himself! Not that this houseboy is too perturbed by that of course, any chance to please his horny boss is going to be taken. The two are soon kissing, their cocks freed from their pants and slipping between hungry lips as they swap their boners. It's just the start of the fun, soon that long and rock hard dominant daddy knob is sinking into that little hole and ramming Kyler's perfect houseboy butt until their jizz shots are ready to start erupting!

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Straight Skater Drinks His Jizz! – Beddable Boys

December 27th, 2016

Kelly is a gorgeous str8 skater with a hot body and a fat uncut prick, but more than that he's a horny guy willing to explore and impress his fans in his videos. This is a great example of what we mean, a jack off solo that becomes a lot more horny when he pumps his cream into a condom and shocks us all with an amazing finish we weren't expecting!

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Jerking His Cock At Work – Beddable Boys

December 20th, 2016

When you work in porn it's pretty common for dude to sneak off and rub one out, sometimes with their colleagues too! Dustin is in that same predicament. All this hardcore porn in the warehouse has his bone throbbing in his pants and the only thing a horny boy like him can do is relieve the pressure and stroke one out! Watch him enjoying his own hard dick right there in the warehouse, pumping his spooge from his joystick and satisfying his horny needs, for the time being at least!

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